Amazing Beaches in Dubrovnik

The breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik are a real highlight in Croatia and are even among the best in the country.

Banje, the most famous Dubrovnik beach seems like providence.


This divine pebble beach is located not more than an eye twink of The Pearl of the Adriatic offering a graceful heavenly view. Watching the picture you could just begin to imagine a feeling of laying down, relaxing, in a deck chair under a sun umbrella on Banje beach, enjoying an amazing view while ordering a cool drink from a beach bar but that’s not all Banje has to offer…

Copacabana is a beach located on Lapad peninsula, in a part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk.

copacabana beach

The beach has a direct view to a remarkable Dubrovnik bridge and beautiful Daksa island, part of the Elaphite Islands. Copacabana is an attractive pebble and concrete beach with many things to offer. This beach is all about content with everything for your enjoyment. One can rent a kayak and go with it all around Babin Kuk, and the whole Lapad coastline.

For a fast and cool ride, you can rent a jet-ski. There is also a ski, banana and a parachute boat ride for rent. Parachute ride is exceptionally popular as you can catch the whole panorama of this magnificent part of Dubrovnik for that unforgettable feeling. For children there are sea slide chutes on the beach and the grown ups can rest in a beach bar or a beach restaurant.

For old people and people with disabilities there is a lift on the concrete part of the beach that provides a way for getting in and out of the sea. Copacabana has its own waterpolo summer court, where some of the “Divlja Liga” (Wild League - a league of Dubrovnik beach teams) matches take place, a sort of a local attraction during the summer months.

In the evenning Copacabana transforms in a place to go out as the beach bar serves drinks and cocktails and there is a small discoteque in one of the beach builduings. Anyways there is always something going on at the Copacabana beach, so come and see for yourself.

One of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik, Sv. Jakov (St. James)


Found its place on a solitude spot in a high rising cove beneath the beautiful church and abbey of Sv. Jakov (St. James). It is a pebble and sandy beach with a tremendous view on Dubrovnik and the Lokrum island. From Jakov beach, Dubrovnik and Lokrum seem so close, like on a platter, a unique Dubrovnik experience.

When you grow tired of swimming and enjoying the blue Adriatic sea on Sv. Jakov beach you can join a volleyball game, right there on the beach court. Those who like kayaking can rent a beach canoe.

Jet ski lovers can rent a jet ski and enjoy a ride at the sea. Others can leisure on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun or take cover in the shade of a lovely beach bar.Sv. Jakov beach is located 1,5 km of the City. You can reach it either on foot, by car parking it right in front of the abbey, or taking the #5 bus and getting out on the last stop and then walking another 200 m.

The turning for the road that leads to Sv. Jakov is just in front of the Grand Villa Argentina. when you reach the church and abbey of Sv. Jakov you just follow the road behind it and you will come to a stairway that will lead you to this magnificent beach.

Little door in The City walls Buza


The door of St. Stjepan opens a view to white rocks, blue sea and Lokrum island in direct vicinity. St. Stjepan door brings you to Buza, a bathing spot on the stony slopes under the City walls at the southern part of The City. A spot easily reached by using any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik cathedral.

Bathing on the place where The City walls sprout out to the sky and the feel of tranquil isolation combined with the heavenly view are the main advantages of this lovely beach. Little door in The City walls, the door of St. Stjepan opens a view to white rocks, blue sea and Lokrum island in direct vicinity.

Our Lady of Danče


Danče beach is located just under the convent complex with a motive one nave Church of St. Mary (Our Lady of Danče) and the remanants of the oldest 15th century Ragusan lazarettos.

It is a nice rock beach with view of the open sea and the Miramar bay. Like everywhere in Dubrovnik the sea on Danče is wonderful blue and clean, maybe a bit colder as suited for a promontorie beach.

Being on a promontorie Danče is more an open beach, not sheltered, so it’s not advisable to go there with small children during the rough weather as big waves are likely to come up. It’s interesting to know that the nuns in the convent have a custom of waiving and ringing bells to greet ships sea passing the convent. Getting to Danče is fairly simple, it’s position is about 200 m of the City. You go uphill from Pile for about 70 m and turn to the street of Dante Alghieri to get to Gradac. When on Gradac you can see the convent so basically you’re there.

Danče, pronounced in Croatian: (Danche)